Working as a Chef Overseas

Anyone who enjoys cooking or is a qualified chef will often fantasise about their ideal, dream kitchen and working environment. There are so many opportunities out there for cooking abroad, and this can come with a host of benefits in itself.

Seasonal work gives people the opportunity to do the job they love, travel the world and get paid for it at the same time!

Qualified chefs are always in demand – they’re needed for overseas positions throughout the year. So, why should you take the plunge and head overseas?

A Job to Suit Everyone

So many different reports and companies are looking for chefs, so no matter what your travelling preference are, you’re likely to find something for you.

  • Ski resorts – During busy ski seasons, resort owners are always looking for chefs to deliver quality cuisine and home cooked meals for their catered properties. The beauty of ski resort cooking is that the jobs tend to pay well, and sometimes come with accommodation, ski passes, and ski equipment included as a perk.
  • Summer camps – Summer camp cooking is a great way to get in some adventure experience alongside your cooking. Often, you’ll be working in a mess, but will have time off to explore the local area or use the camp equipment in your spare time.
  • Holiday resorts – This may be a little more suitable for those who want to build a career in the tourism catering industry and learn a host of skills that can see them around the world.
  • Hotels and private villas – There’s a possibility that when working abroad in a villa or hotel, you will be given more catering support and there’s a lot more on offer in terms of service roles. Getting a job in advance with a British operator means they will normally pay for your travel too.

A lot of jobs are seasonal

The benefit of seasonal jobs can’t be dismissed. Often, these jobs are of a short duration, meaning you can avoid the complications of long-term visa issues.

They’re also ideal as you’re able to try out seasonal work in one particular place before you commit to a job or a permanent move.

It also means you can travel and experience cooking a number of different cuisines with only a short but beneficial stint in each place.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to permanent chef jobs abroad. Working seasonal jobs can help you to avoid such competition whilst gaining jobs that will help you enhance your variety of skills.

How to get an Overseas Job

The best way to look for a job overseas is to decide on a location. From here, you can look at vacancies and visas, and make sure you have an up to date CV sure to impress.

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