Foods in Season Now

It’s not quite spring yet! Battling through the last cold winter months can be hard, but luckily this time of year there’s lots of hearty key ingredients coming into their prime.

Whether it’s a warm stew, hearty roast joint or a fruity crumble, there’s plenty of ingredients coming into season through February and March to help you beat the last of the winter blues.

Fruit and Veg

It’s a great time of year for fruits and veg. The perfect ingredients for warming up cold evenings with soups and stews are at their prime. Think cabbages, kale, leek and plenty of greens.

Cauliflower is also at its best this time of the year. If you’re a fan of cauliflower cheese or prefer a vegetarian or vegan option to meat (as cauliflower is a great meat substitute) now is the time to start exploring and experimenting when it comes to your cooking.

Parsnips and swede are also in season right now and for the next few months, so roast some vegetables and enjoy some classic home comforts in front of the fire while they’re at their best.

Meats, Fish and Poultry

Plenty of classic meat and fish is in season this month. If you’re a seafood lover, incorporate salmon, scallops and mussels into your dishes for the best flavour payoff.

Mutton, venison and goose are the best quality meats to go for in the news year. You can cook gourmet meals or UK classics with these ingredients – their versatility and flavour make for some of the best dishes this time of year!

Sweet Treats and Condiments

There’s nothing like a warm dessert with custard or cream in the colder months – warm your body and your soul! Rhubarb is one of the key ingredients in season that you can use to sweeten or sharpen up desserts, and the ever classic truffle is also at its best this time of year.

Cook up a storm in your kitchen with these key February and March ingredients. For more information about food and catering jobs, get in contact with us at Personnel Solutions today.

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