Relief Chefs – What You Need to Know

Typically, a relief chef will fill a position at short notice as they are often employed to cover someone absent from work or to help assist in busy periods. A Relief Chef role is normally of the temporary nature and therefore, as a Relief Chef you will need to be confident that you can adapt to a new environment and turn your hand to a variety of tasks within the kitchen. Relief chefs are expected to fit in quickly, so here at Personnel Solutions chef recruitment we have put together some top tips on how you can be best prepared.

What is expected of a relief chef?

As mentioned above it is critical that a relief chef will be able to adapt to a new environment and work with a variety of different people including head chefs, supervisors, waiters, waitresses and others. In addition to this, the skillset of a relief chef is also important and you will typically be required to have hygiene certificates, nutritional understanding, cooking preparation and cooking skills, broad knowledge of kitchen function and equipment. Most relief chefs normally have a good 2-3 years’ experience under their belt so to speak, so that they are prepared and ready for the challenges that Continue reading

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Recruiting for Christmas Chef Roles – What to Include in Your Job Advert

The party season will soon be in full swing, for some of us it has already started! The festive season causes a busy period for the catering and hospitality industry and more often than not there is a need to take on more kitchen staff to cope with the increasing demand. Our chef recruitment agency has put together some top tips on what you need to be including in your Christmas job descriptions to ensure that you get the right person for each chef role.

Job Role – Firstly, you will need to decide exactly what type of position you need filled; do you need Bar Managers, Production Chefs, Catering Supervisors, Head Chefs, Relief Chefs, Temp Chefs, Waiting Chefs… you get the idea.

Contract Length – As most positions advertised over the Christmas period are of a temporary nature it is important that you stress this in your job description. Is the contract for a limited time, perhaps it is for just one month or maybe for your busiest two-week period? Make this clear in your job description, you don’t want people who are looking for Continue reading

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Christmas Food Festivals in The South West

It seems that there is no escaping Christmas in November anymore, whether you are walking down the shopping aisle or visiting a hotel, Christmas seems to be everywhere! At Personnel Solutions Chef Recruitment, we believe Christmas is a fantastic time of the year, not only because we get to spend time with our loved ones, but also because The Christmas markets begin to pop up and that means fabulous tasty Christmas food!

We have done our research so you don’t have to! Take at three of the best Christmas foodie events in The South West in 2017!

Exeter Market November 20th – December 20th
Located on the Cathedral Green, this beautiful and atmospheric Christmas market is a fabulous place to sample foods from across Europe. Continue reading

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Finding The Right Chef for The Job?

Recruiting the correct candidate for the job is extremely important and can save your business a lot of time and money whilst helping your business prosper. We highlight 3 of the top benefits of using a chef recruitment agency.

Widespread connections – A chef recruitment agency will have a much larger reach in terms of advertising the position as opposed the singular business. In the instance that no suitable CV’s were submitted to the applications, recruitment agencies like us will have a bank of contacts in which we will be able to source a suitable candidate. Continue reading

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Thinking of Leaving Your Chef Job? – Here are some things you should consider!

We all have those days when everything seems a bit too much and throwing in the towel seems like the easiest option. Before you just leave your chef job in a huff and puff make sure you give some proper thought to it. The way you quit, leave, resign, however you want to call it can affect your future chef roles so it is important you do it the right way, especially if you are going to be requiring a reference for your new chef job.

Take a look at our advice on the best way to hand in your notice for your chef job:

Check your notice period and give sufficient notice. Most jobs will require two – four weeks’ notice, often it will depend on your chef job role and how long you have been working for the company.

Always tell your business manager or boss before you tell the rest of the kitchen staff, you want to show that you respect them.

Maintain your professionalism and continue to work hard even after you have handed your notice in. Continue reading

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Your Chef Job Is Waiting for You – Chef Position’s Available!

Finding the right chef job doesn’t have to be a real challenge! Our sophisticated chef recruitment agency is designed to ensure the best people are matched to the wealth of opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Personnel solutions can help you find a chef position that is right for you, all you have to do is complete our online registration form, let us know you skills, the type of chef position you are seeking to find and our experts will be in touch.

Whether you are a looking for a Bar Manager, Breakfast Chef, Chef de Partie, Head Chef, Relief Chef, Senior Sous Chef or Sous Chef position you can be sure that that Personnel Solutions chef recruitment agency will be prepared to help you. Continue reading

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How To Cut Costs As A Head Chef

Cutting costs when running a business is often at the top of the list. In the food industry a lot of money is lost in the kitchen and therefore, the head chef is often tasked with the responsibility of reducing the expenses. In this short blog entry we highlight some of the best ways in which you can run a more sustainable and profitable kitchen.

Reduce the food waste –throwing food out is literally like throwing money into the bin. When it is coming close to the foods expiry date start thinking about different ways in which you can use the ingredients. Perhaps you could make a soup or even start offering discounts on certain meals.

Assess your food suppliers – it can be quite time consuming but it is always worth looking at alternatives, can you get your ingredients anywhere cheaper, can they offer you a better deal?

Look at your menu as a whole – in order to reduce the food wastage, create a menu whereby ingredients cross over in many of the dishes. Continue reading

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Preparing for Christmas In Your Restaurant

It’s certainly time to start planning for Christmas in the Kitchen, October is already upon us and it will be here before we know it. Christmas is a time where many of us flood into restaurants for our work Christmas parties or go out to celebrate with our friends and most loved ones. If you run a good restaurant you are undoubtedly going to see an increase in custom over the festive period and it’s important that you are prepared for this. Working in a kitchen can be stressful enough as it is without any added pressure, so here at Personnel Solutions we have put together some tips to ensure that your head chef and your kitchen staff can cope with what is about to come.

Consider Your Menu – Start thinking about what food and drink you are going to offer over the festive period. You will want to make sure that your head chef and the team know the Christmas menu inside and out. It might be a good idea to start doing some test cook offs to check that your chefs are able to cook the food to the highest of standard. This is also a fantastic opportunity to get some feedback on the food, why not ask some of your regular customers for some honest opinions on whether they think your Christmas Menu will be a winner. Continue reading

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Coming To Cullompton – Food and Drink Festival

The annual food and drink festival is set to return to Cullompton this October. This popular event is ready to appease all this Autumn and what’s even better it’s free! You can wind in and out of the food stalls and get a taste of the real South West tasting the artisan food and looking as the show down unfolds as they try to find the Best Devonshire Cream Tea.

You can pick up some cooking tips as you watch live chef demonstrations and get involved with a competition or two. If that wasn’t enough the award winning Cullompton Farmers’ Market will not disappoint.

The event is taking place on Saturday 14th October and will certainly be an opportunity to celebrate the very best of local produce and local traders.

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Is it time to start looking for a new chef job?

There is often a point in life when you are just ready for a new adventure, a fresh start and quite simply something different. For many people this often inspires a change in their job role/ change of job. Particularly as working in the chef industry can often be extremely demanding, staying in a chef job when you are unhappy can be damaging to your health.

Here at Personnel Solutions chef recruitment we have put together some signs to look out for that might indicate that it is time to start searching for a new chef role.

You don’t seem to be learning any new skills
There should always be an opportunity to learn something new and if your job has become fairly mundane it is no surprise that you are beginning to get fed up. You could talk to your employers to see if there is any training that you could do in house or alternatively if they are able to put you on a course that would allow you to advance your culinary skills and maybe even progress up the career ladder. Continue reading

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