Is passion more important than experience?

When it comes to recruitment skills and qualifications are usually the most desired element on a CV, and these elements are what the majority of employers use to judge their best candidates.

But all too often the passion of some, less experienced but dedicated chefs is overlooked.

It’s all very well being able to julienne a carrot, but that skill alone won’t result in rave reviews for your restaurant. So, here are some reasons why your passion can get you far in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

If you’re passionate, you’ll put in the effort

It’s become far too common to simply see employees turn up for work and leave. There’s no effort or passion in their work, they simply do the job required and go home. Whilst this is only doing what is expected of the employee, there’s certain effort lacking in this method.

When somebody is passionate about food, they’ll put the effort into improving every dish, and making sure it looks perfect on the plate.

Going the extra mile is what can get a good chef recognised over someone with a huge list of skills that they aren’t able to put into practice with passion.

Passionate chefs can transform a restaurant

When another chef shows passion, it can directly influence others to take the same attitude. Before you know it, your whole workforce is working more productively, and your dishes are being created with much more time, effort and passion behind them.

This can really transform the way your restaurant operates, and customers are sure to agree that it has improved the food as well.

Attention to detail

Passionate chefs will hold their food standards above everything else. The attention to detail a passionate chef will provide, rather than simply slapping everything on a plate will improve a dish’s presentation for sure.

Many people go by the phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ and if a chef lives by this rule, the customer will notice the precision that has gone into their plate.

The ability to inspire

Having a passionate and dedicated chef in your team can lead to inspiration through the whole workforce.

The rest of your team might be influenced highly by your new chef’s work ethic, leading to improvements across your whole team.

The ability to inspire is something that a passionate chef can bring that a skilled one cannot. Any method can be learned and passed down, but true inspiration is something that cannot be learned and will only come from the right people.

Innovation in your cooking

Passionate chefs can also be some of the most creative chefs when it comes to their food. They will often have new recipes they will want to try out, and this can be a great opportunity for a restaurant to update their menu.

Passionate chefs will put food quality above their job and work overtime to create the best new recipe. Don’t underestimate the impact this can have!

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