Tips for getting noticed when you’re searching for a job

Be Creative

Creativity comes with being a chef, show this right from the start – think outside the box and do something nobody else has done. Show who you are as a person and as a chef in a unique way, this may be through video, food or even online adverts. Show a creativity and self-motivation, they will see you have the drive to do all this work because you really want this job.

Be Proactive

Don’t sit around and wait for a job to come to you because the chances are, it won’t. If you know you want to work for a specific company or restaurant don’t wait for a job offer to come out, pitch yourself to them. Be there before everybody else, this will show you’re eager to work there and make you stand out. Contacting employers through social channels can be a good way to connect with them and show interest.

Know What You Want

A clear career path will make you stand out from a sea of chefs who just want to be chefs. Find your passion, it may be seafood or vegan food – once you have found this passion and career path you will be a much more interesting and employable candidate because they know you will love what you do. It shows that you have really thought about your career and that it is a real passion to you. It will be refreshing to see someone who knows what path they want to take and who can grow in that one specialism.


Networking is important in every industry, meeting and forming relationships with the employers and peers is a great advantage. If a job came up with an employer that you have already formed a relationship with they will be more likely to recognise your work. The best form of networking is face to face, nothing beats human interaction, especially when there are jobs at stake. However, networking can also take place on social platforms, this is still a great platform to communicate and engage with the members of your industry.

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