Tips for creating new recipes

As a chef, it can be difficult to keep coming up with new and interesting recipes, no matter how much you love to be inventive. Here are a few tips on ways you can come up with some new ideas for your cooking.

Inspiration and ideas can come to you at any moment so make sure to note them down, you never know what you could be your next special. Some may be bad ideas but you can always use these as a base and improve when better ideas come along.

Colour Palette

Colours can be a great source of inspiration, seeing the colours that you want on the plate and the theme you want to go along is a great place to start. Maybe the colour palette corresponds to the season or weather, on the other hand it could just be a vision for how you want your dish to be presented. Pick ingredients that meet this palette and work to get the best combination visually and the best tasting recipe.

Taste Palette

Deciding how you want a dish to taste is a great place to start, it allows you to find the ingredients that suit this taste whether it be sour, spicy or smoky. This gives you an end goal for your dish and means there is something for you to compare against. You are able to ask yourself if this is the taste you wanted or the flavour you imagined.

Primary Ingredient

Using one ingredient you love or would love to start using and basing a whole dish around this could be a great idea. It will get you out of your comfort zone because you will have to investigate what compliments this ingredient and how you want the recipe to taste. You may discover a new taste sensation that you never knew about by using a new ingredient and working around this.

Add a Twist

Using an existing recipe but adding a twist to it is a less daunting place to start when creating recipes, you could take influence from a culture or a country that completely contrasts where the recipe originated. Be experimental when you are switching up a recipe.

Sometimes the best way to create something amazing is just to keep trying and testing, get a group of people with taste buds you trust and test your recipes out on them. Try different variations or innovative twists on recipes, see what they like and what they love. Remember that feedback is your best friend when it comes to testing out your recipes, learn from the feedback they give and use this to improve.

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