Food Trends for 2019

A new year means a distinct set of trends are set to come our way in the food industry in 2019. 

From flavours and cuisines rising in popularity to diet trends and packaging changes, here’s our guide to the things you’re sure to see in 2019. 

Pacific Flavours 

Perfectly combining the Asian, Mediterranean and South American flavours that represent the Pacific is something tipped to gain traction this year. 

Guava, dragon fruit, Hawaiian poke bowls and various other foods are set to be the staple of menus for the coming year. The inclusion of seasonal vegetables and aromatic ingredients from all of these regions is sure to create a varied menu to last all year round from canapes to desserts. 

Probiotics and a Wellness Focus 

The benefits of probiotics and fermented foods have been known for a long time now, but we’re about to see them become more widely available and varied during the course of 2019. 

Fermented drinks like kombucha and kefir are about to become staples thanks to their influence on gut welfare.  

These drinks are soon to be sought after as a replacement for fizzy drinks, with the added benefit of antioxidants and vitamin levels produced during the fermentation process. 

Guilt Free ‘Nice’ Creams 

From dairy-free choices to low calorie treats, the diversity of ice cream bases is pinned to be a talking point of 2019. 

Health-conscious individuals on the hunt for a guilt free treat are finding ways to incorporate ingredients such as avocado, hummus and tahini into their favourite frozen treat bases, and we might just see these hitting supermarket shelves any time soon too. 

Lettuce Talk About Veganism  

It’s better for the environment, it’s great for your body and it involves no cruelty – what reason is there to not go vegan? The practice of veganism became ever more popular during 2018, and we’re expecting to see this rise again. 

With plenty of vegan food on the market (including meat substitutes), whatever your reasons may be, you can do some more savvy shopping. There’s no need to stop eating your favourite meals or cut anything out of your diet, simply strive to find a vegan version. 

Plant based foods aren’t a new invention, but more people are striving to incorporate them into their lifestyle for environmental or ethical reasons, especially when incentives like ‘Veganuary’ (the process of eating a vegan diet for January) exist.  

Will you be giving veganism a try in 2019? 

Herb Your Enthusiasm 

Bi-products of hemp plants like hearts, seeds and oils are nothing new in the food industry. 

But the exploration of including other parts of the plant into meals is set to become popular during 2019. 

The benefits stemming from other parts of the plant is what has spurred this experimentation – hemp seeds are being branded the new chia seed, full of complete proteins and fatty acids. 

Eco Friendly and Thoughtful Food Purchases 

We all know the damage plastic is doing to our planet, increasing the strain on landfill and endangering wildlife around the globe. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging is set to boom in 2019.  

Whether this is in the form of more zero-waste shops appearing locally, or brand following the example set by Carlsberg, who now use a glue formula to attach cans rather than plastic ring pulls, 2019 is the year to really address our plastic impact. 

2019 is set for greatness in the food industry. Looking to incorporate or learn more about these trends in your restaurant, or bring a fresh outlook to a catering company? Visit our job search today. 

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