Tips for Getting a Job in 2019

Finding a job can be difficult, but there’s a way to give yourself the best chance. With it being the start of a new year, use this time to completely overhaul your job searching techniques, and follow our tips to get your ideal job in 2019. 

Compile a Portfolio 

If you’re not showcasing your work, how do you expect any potential employers to be wowed by what you can do? Whether its awards, recipes featured in the press, or any articles you’ve featured in for your work, put these together in one place and show your full potential to employers. 

You never know what could come out of creating a portfolio; they might be blown away by something they see or enlist you to create a new menu for their restaurant once they see your creativity and skill.  


When it comes to recruitment, one of the first places employers are likely to check is LinkedIn. It’s the best professional network to showcase your career achievements and aspirations, so dedicate the time to revamping your profile and keeping it up to date with all you’ve achieved in the industry. 

Purge your Profiles 

Whilst employers are likely to look at LinkedIn, they also tend to peek at other social media accounts if they can find them. Save yourself any embarrassing reasons for rejection by either making your profiles private or cleaning them up to remove any potentially unprofessional or unpleasant posts. 

Many people don’t realise the impact their social media presence has on their recruitment opportunities, so make sure this doesn’t negatively impact you. 

Build Up your Referrals 

Thanks to these services like LinkedIn, and also the online communities, it’s a great way to build connections within the catering industry. 

It might just be the ‘in’ you need – if someone you know from these forums is rejected for a job, they may suggest you as a great candidate based on your impression from these forums or your LinkedIn profile. 

Automatically this paints you as a great employee when you’ve had great recommendations, putting you already ahead of the game and potentially more likely to land the job if you perform well in interviews. 

Be Open to Other Opportunities 

At first, a sous chef job might not seem ideal if you have your heart set on being a head chef, with the skills to match. 

It’s important to consider though, that there is always the opportunity to improve. If you go out of your way to show your skills and reliability, it’s likely you’ll be given more trust and responsibility. 

If the head chef eventually leaves, you’ve a better chance of being in the running to take over since you’re already second in command. 

It just goes to show that often the opportunities in which you must progress should not be ignored, and they can be the jobs to hold the most reward. 

Brush Up on Your Skills 

Whilst you’re searching for jobs, see what your CV might be missing. There’s always time to brush up on skills or learn new ones to fill out your CV and to present yourself with more experience to potential employers. 

Whether you’re a pro at pastry and need to master the art of butchery, or if your sauce skills are top notch but your grilling needs some work, making the effort to improve these skills makes you a much better employee, as you’re willing to learn and expand your abilities. 

Research your Recruiters 

This could be key to landing the job or not. If an interview question asks you to create a 3-course menu in the restaurant’s cuisine, but you have no idea what this is, you’ve already failed yourself.  

Make sure you revise a few items from the menu and know about the source of their products if this is available. Showing you’re engaged with the establishment and its history can be a sign to bosses that you’re passionate about their restaurant. 

Now you know the top ways to secure yourself the best chance of a job this year, it’s time to start hunting! Browse our website for the latest in chef and catering jobs near you and have a go at putting these tips into practice. 

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