The Benefits of Writing a Blog for Your Restaurant

Blogging is a great way to get interesting content onto your website and attract the attention of your audience. Not only will it get people interested in your content, but it will also allow people to learn more about your food and what your restaurant is all about.  

These are just a few advantages of blogging for your restaurant… 

Be Found Online For Your Specialties 

People use Google more and more these days for small daily tasks such as checking restaurant locations, opening times and menus. People will dietary restrictions will often search for things like ‘vegan restaurant in Exeter’ for example. If you have blog posts talking about your specialities, you are more likely to be found on Google by people searching for them. 

Whether it’s vegetarian food, lactose-free, or a star rating or particular dish style, you’ll want to talk about it on your blog and increase the chance of potential customers finding you on Google. 

Keep Your Visitors Updated 

Blogs are a great way to keep your audience up to date with any current news or anything that is new with your restaurant.  

Whether it is a new recipe, a new member of staff or an event that you’re holding. Your blog can be the place where your audience turn to for the latest information and the insider news from your establishment.  

It’s a good idea to have all of your important information and news updates in one place, so your customers know where they can find this and more importantly can access all of the new information.  

Reinforce Your Company Values 

Many customers make decisions based on a company’s values and ethics, so it’s important for you to make these known to your customers and to reinforce these with appropriate information.  

Reinforcing your values through related blog posts is an easy way to seamlessly get this content in front of your audience and communicate with them on this level.  

For example, if your restaurant holds high values about sourcing food sustainably, you may want to post blogs about related and current issues, or advances in this area.  

Share Your Knowledge 

As a chef you hold so much knowledge that is of interest to the majority of your audience.  

Cooking is a really popular pastime for many individuals, couples and families alike. So, sharing some of your top tips and recipes will go down well with your audience.  

Share the recipes which you love or are a staple on your menu, or even the tips that you and your fellow chefs swear by.  

People love to feel like they’re learning something, so reading your blog should be no different.  

These are not all of the benefits that blogging can hold for your restaurant, but hopefully, they’re enough for you to start your restaurant blog section right away!  

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