Have You Included Comfort Food on Your Menu?

We think it’s fair to say that the UK’s heatwave is well and truly over which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. However, it does mean one thing for sure and that’s comfort food.

In the colder months the popularity of ‘comfort food’ skyrockets with restaurants and pubs adding comfort dishes to their menus.

Everyone has their favourite comfort food, but there are definitely a few dishes which are particularly popular throughout the UK and a great place to start. You could even try adding a twist or something a little different to one of these.

Beans on Toast

Now, this may not be a dish for your dinner menu, but it would make a great addition to your brunch/lunch menu if you spice it up a little by adding new and exciting ingredients.

Britain loves beans on toast and in a 2017 survey it actually came 7th out of 50 comfort foods that the UK loves!

People love to see their favourite dish with a little twist to make it even more delicious and special.

Bangers and Mash

What could be more British than good old bangers and mash?

This home cooked classic is favourite in so many homes across the country and is definitely a firm staple in these colder months.

Even better, there is so much versatility with this dish and so much you can do to make it your own!

Macaroni Cheese

Nothing says comfort more than lots of carbs and cheese. This is one of the homecooked classics that has made its way into a large number of restaurants already.

Each has tried to make it their own by adding ingredients like bacon, vegetables or even truffle.

Bacon Sandwich

Some may say that this is hardly a ‘dish’ but in many UK homes this is a speciality and no weekend would be quite the same without one.

This is especially true when it’s a little bit cold and wet outside. In fact, in the same 2017 survey this was the UK’s 3rd favourite comfort food, behind Pizza and Fish and Chips.

This is probably the hardest dish to transform to a restaurant quality dish but if you get it right, it is sure to hit the ground running and be a huge success.

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