Devon County Show – What can I do?

One of the biggest days out in the Devon Calendar, the Devon County Show is a brilliant showcase of food and agriculture throughout Devon.

Combining good food, great craft alcohol and fantastic entertainment, the country based show is a great day out and a fantastic insight into the wonders of the county of Devon.

The Devon County Show is host to an array of local manufacturers of food and drink alike. These trade stands run from 9am to 6.30pm and are a fantastic way to learn all about new local companies and the food they dedicate their lives to.

It’s a great opportunity for networking – you’ll benefit from getting to know some local companies, and the companies will have you to recommend their products to any current or future restaurant employers.

This year, heavy emphasis is being placed on catering for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets.

An incredible array of food is on offer for both these diets and your everyday preferences.

The Food and Drink Pavilion is the place to be to find the best of the best produce wise, and the new ‘Foodwalk’ is tipped to be sharing a diverse selection of cuisine from around the world.

Shawarma chicken Moroccan style flatbreads and souvlakis are two of the dishes tipped to be on the menu this year. A full list of food and drink exhibitors can be found on the show’s Tradestands page.

A new street-style section is also being erected in the pavilion, operating under the Devon County Show rules.

Here, plenty smaller, local exhibitors will be able to showcase their fantastic produce.

What Can I Do?

Just visiting the show can be enough to gather some great ideas, techniques and contacts. You’ll have the opportunity to chat to local farmers and potentially incorporate their ingredients into your cooking.

You might meet local chefs who will pass on a tip or two about a certain cooking technique.

Certain local food businesses might even be hiring – it’s a good place to find out and make yourself memorable.

Tickets are available now from the County Show website – you only need to go along for a day for a whole host of local catering and ingredient focused opportunities to come your way!

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