The BBC Good Food Show Winter 2018

The Winter Good Food Show is returning to Birmingham this year and is one thing sure to get you into the festive spirit! 

The show is in the NEC Arena from Thursday 29th November to Sunday 2nd December 2018 .  

Festive food delights and perfectly paired beverages are on the cards for this event and what better way to get inspiration then to eat it? 
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Have You Included Comfort Food on Your Menu?

We think it’s fair to say that the UK’s heatwave is well and truly over which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. However, it does mean one thing for sure and that’s comfort food.

In the colder months the popularity of ‘comfort food’ skyrockets with restaurants and pubs adding comfort dishes to their menus.

Everyone has their favourite comfort food, but there are definitely a few dishes which are particularly popular throughout the UK and a great place to start. You could even try adding a twist or something a little different to one of these.
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The Great British Bake-Off is Back!

The much-loved baking series is back to capture the hearts of the nation once again. After the controversial move to channel four last year, the country seems to be at one with the show’s switch up as the excitement is brewing for the return.

From August 28th we will all go back to losing our Tuesday evening to the delights and disasters this year’s bakers create in the kitchen.
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The Devon Cuisine that You Need to Try

Devon is not only the home to Personnel Solutions but is also the home to so many amazing dishes and traditional cuisine that we think everyone needs to try. If you’re looking to work as a chef in Devon, you may want to brush up on these dishes or flavours and look to work them into your cooking. A modern twist of some of these classics could go down really well.


Devon is home to some of the best cider in the UK. The whole process takes place right within our county, from growing the perfect apples to the precise brewing system.

Some of the UK’s best brewerys are located right here in Devon, and we would recommend a visit to one of these if you are in the local area.
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Food Festivals in Devon This Summer

Summer is the prime time for food festivals to take place and Devon is no exception to this. Food festivals can be a great place to get inspiration directly from other chefs and businesses as well as networking with other business owners and chefs, plus you get to taste-test lots of food throughout the day.

Buckfast Abbey Summer Food Fair: 21st July 2018

This food fair is held in the grounds of Buckfast Abbey and gives you the opportunity to see live demonstrations by some of the industry’s best as well as a variety of stalls for you to explore.

This event is completely free as well as having free onsite parking. To find out more information about this event, visit their website.

Devon Street Food Festival: 10th – 12th August 2018

The Street Food Warehouse will be returning to Ilfracombe this summer.

This mouth-watering event will be running every afternoon and evening to ensure that you can sample the very best innovations and dishes in Street Food.

Whether you want to incorporate more street food into your menu or you just love the taste of this kind of food, this festival will not disappoint.

To find out more about this event, visit their website.

Devon Fire and Spice Festival: 18th – 19th August 2018

This festival has the beautiful backdrop of Powderham Castle just to the south of Exeter.

This hot festival combines fiery chillies and a love for all things spiced. Perfect if you’re looking to add a fiery twist to any well-known dish.

This event is filled with demonstrations, workshops, competitions and even a chilli cook-off. What better way is there to spend one of your summer days?

If you want to find out more about visiting this event, visit their website.

The Great Food and Drink Show: 22nd– 23rd September 2018

The show is held in Westpoint Arena on the outskirts of Exeter. This is a weekend packed with all things food and drink, from tastings to cake decorating workshops; you’ll find it all at this event. Try your hand at a new skill in one of the workshops, listen to an industry professional in the talks or find inspiration from the individual stands.

The exhibitors will include a huge range of local suppliers, retailers and local food and drink producers. It is sure to be a day full of networking, inspiring ingredients and learning new things for all attendees.

If you want to find out more about this event, visit their website.

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What Do Employers Look for When Recruiting a Chef?

When hiring a chef, there are certain things that employers will look for in their candidates. Great chefs all share a similar set of characteristics so knowing what these are will help you to communicate these to potential employers.

Great Cooking Skills

This is an obvious thing that employers will look for when employing a chef. They need to know that you are capable of performing to their restaurant’s standards and will be able to produce great food. This is usually determined through a practical test where you will have to cook a dish for the employer to taste test.
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5 Tips for Your Next Networking Event

Networking is an important part of both running a business but also for recruitment and career growth. It can open so many doors for an individual, so when you master the art of networking, nothing will hold you back.

Tip 1: Arrive Early

It may seem like a good idea to get to the event a little later so that there are more people there but this will, in fact, mean that people will have settled into little groups of conversation, making your job harder.

Arriving early will mean that you have more time to get yourself together, relax and find the people who don’t have someone to talk to from the start. Once you get your first conversation done, you will feel much more at ease in the process.
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5 Tips for Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion may sometimes seem like a far-fetched idea but with a few simple changes you can get yourself well on your way to a well-deserved promotion.

1.Learn Constantly

You should never be content with the amount of knowledge you have in your industry; a great chef always has that yearning to learn more.
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Are You Attending The Restaurant Show 2018?

The Restaurant Show is returning to the Olympia London for 2018. The expo will run from October 1st to 3rd October in the main exhibition space, bringing hundreds of exhibitors and visitors involved in the culinary industry together for a three-day event.

This is a trade only event so you can be sure that they only people attending will be professionals in your industry. So, networking or even exhibiting should be high in your priorities – it is not one to be missed.
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3 Myths About Becoming a Chef and the Truth Behind These

There are a lot of misconceptions and “myths” floating around about the culinary industry, but what is the truth behind these and should you listen to everything you hear about becoming a chef?

  1. ‘You Need To Go To Culinary School To Learn To Cook’

A lot of people do believe that in order to be a successful chef you need to go to a culinary school and some people even think the more expensive the school, the better chef you’ll be.
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