How to Be the Crème De La Crème in the Waitressing World

If it wasn’t for the hard working waitresses and waiters out there, we’d be stuck cooking our own meals 7 days a week. Yet trends show that many of us splurge on eating out a few times a week. If you work in the hospitality world you can recognise how demanding it can be at times. If you are thinking of applying for a waitressing or waiter role, then here are some top tips that will help you out.

Look Smart – make sure you are wearing the company’s uniform or follow their brand guidelines. You should also make sure that you are friendly, polite and always smiling, look approachable so that people feel comfortable asking you any questions that they might have.

Know the menu inside out – it’s always likely that someone will ask you what you recommend so make sure you can talk confidently about one of the options on the menu. People also like to alter their dishes slightly to suit it better to their taste so make sure you are aware of what can be changed and what can’t.

Work efficiently – be attentive and know when to take an order and when to clear plates, you don’t want people to think that your service was sloppy and that they would have done a better job themselves.

Ps, it’s always a great idea to ask those higher up in the company for any top tips that they might have learnt from their experience of working there.

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