3 Tips for Preparing Your Restaurant for Christmas

Many restaurants will have already started preparing for Christmas and if you haven’t already, now is the time to start.

Christmas is a big time for the food industry, and if you get it right, it can be your most profitable time of the year.

We have a few top tips for getting your restaurant ready for the big day.

Cater for Everyone

Christmas is all about everyone coming together, and that means you’re sure to get a few dietary requirements in the mix, whether it’s gluten-free or vegan – you need to cater for them all.

These options don’t need to be boring and plain, still, try and make the alternative options full of flavour, festive and something a little bit different.

Many of your Christmas day guests will have never visited your restaurant before, so you need to make a great first impression. After all, if you impress at Christmas, you will likely turn them into a returning customer.

Remember, just because someone may have a dietary requirement, it shouldn’t be a challenge for them to find food on your menu that is suitable.

Make everyone welcome this Christmas!

Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media has the potential to launch a restaurant to the next level when it is used correctly, and Christmas provides you with amazing content without even trying.

Show off your Christmas menu and dishes on your social media with amazing videos and images, after all the best way to sell your food is through mouth-watering visuals.

Plan a Christmas themed photo shoot to get the content you need for social media. Create your Christmas dishes and add a touch of magic to your photos ready for the festive season. You could even decorate your dining area as you will on the day to promote the atmosphere of your restaurant.

Post regularly on all of your social media. Ideally, you should be using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach your audiences.

Don’t stop in the lead up to the big day – even if you’re fully booked.

In the lead up to Christmas, there will be Christmas parties, decorations and preparations to post and you should be posting about it all!


Arguably, your restaurant’s atmosphere is just as important as the food on the day. You want to create a friendly and festive atmosphere for your guests, and this means adding a few special touches to your venue.

Create your Christmas playlist to play while your guests eat with a mix of Christmas classics and new festive hits.

Add the little touches to your tables like Christmas crackers, hats and decorations. At Christmas, a little bit of sparkle doesn’t go amiss!

Think of a colour scheme for your dining area to create a professional and beautiful rooms for your guests. Everything will look much more put together with a colour scheme.

The scent of your room is a big thing. Dot scented candles or diffusers around the room with festive or winter scents, however, you do need to be careful not to go overboard.


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