The Devon Cuisine that You Need to Try

Devon is not only the home to Personnel Solutions but is also the home to so many amazing dishes and traditional cuisine that we think everyone needs to try. If you’re looking to work as a chef in Devon, you may want to brush up on these dishes or flavours and look to work them into your cooking. A modern twist of some of these classics could go down really well.


Devon is home to some of the best cider in the UK. The whole process takes place right within our county, from growing the perfect apples to the precise brewing system.

Some of the UK’s best brewerys are located right here in Devon, and we would recommend a visit to one of these if you are in the local area.


Now, this seems to be the age-old debate of ‘which goes first: the jam or the cream?’ and the answer to this is the cream. Well if you’re in Devon that is.

Scones are typically served as part of a larger cream tea which again is a famous cuisine within the county of Devon. This sweet treat is popular amongst locals and tourists alike, so you won’t struggle to find a spot of cream tea in this county! For a more authentic tea room, try asking a local where they would recommend.

Devonshire Honey Cake

This is one of the slightly less well-known foods out there, but it definitely isn’t any less tasty! You don’t even have to travel down to Devon to get your hands on this – you can actually make it yourself.

This sweet treat is the perfect addition to an authentic cream tea or just as an afternoon nibble with a cup of tea.

Fish and Chips

Before you say that this is traditional for the whole of England, we know it is! However, as Devon is a coastal and holiday county the consumption of this seaside treat is definitely high.

The production of beer and ales in the local area also helps to make local fish and chips exceptionally tasty, and you won’t struggle to find a portion – in fact, you may have too much choice!

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