5 Tips for Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion may sometimes seem like a far-fetched idea but with a few simple changes you can get yourself well on your way to a well-deserved promotion.

1.Learn Constantly

You should never be content with the amount of knowledge you have in your industry; a great chef always has that yearning to learn more.

This could simply mean experimenting every now and again, learning what ingredients go well together or developing a new skill. On the other hand, you could take classes even if you’re going back to basics, it won’t hurt you to nurture your key set of skills as a chef.

Most of all, this is going to show intuitive to your employers and the existing senior chefs. Having a chef who is constantly improving and bettering their skills is something employers will want to hold onto.

2. Volunteer for Tasks

Volunteer for the low-level management tasks that your senior chefs maybe don’t have time to complete or just to help them out with their tasks.

This could be tasks like completing the weekly order, doing the spot inventory or even checking the stock rotation is correct.

It’s important to show the people higher up than you that you can handle these tasks and you want to be working at that level. It is a great way to get seen and noticed by the management team.

3. Problem Solve

Solving problems is a key part of being a part of the management team and getting promoted. Your employer wants someone who will take the initiative to be able to fix any issues that may occur in the workplace.

Work to improve the efficiency within your workplace or the flow of a dinner service. Not only will solutions like this help the head chef manage the team but it will also highlight your abilities to them.

4. Loyalty

The culinary industry has a notoriously high turnover rate when it comes to kitchen staff, so one of the easiest ways to get a promotion is to simply outlast your competitors.

Try and stick with the same employer, they will appreciate the loyalty, and if you are a good chef and hard worker, it won’t be long before you get a promotion.

5. Keep Your Workspace Clean

This may seem like a smaller and less relevant part of getting a promotion, but in fact, it may play a bigger role than you thought.

Showing that you can keep your workplace organised and clean will reflect well in your favour, it will help to keep your head chef happy as well as showing that you care about your work and your job.

We agree that this may not be the main reason for your promotion, but it could definitely be a factor that is considered.

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